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3CX Phone System

As 3CX Gold partners Secaura are enthusiastic advocates of the 3CX system, Traditionally any business that wanted to take advantage of telephony features such as call transfer, voicemail and multiple telephone lines would need to invest in expensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange) equipment that would need to be located on their premises and involve regular and costly maintenance, upgrades, training and inflexible fixed line rentals.

3CX is different, it’s a software based phone system which runs on a dedicated computer inside or outside your building. Phones connect to the 3CX computer over the internet or your internal computer network. The 3CX computer links to the phone network via SIP Trunks. 3CX systems are licenced by capacity – The number of simultaneous calls you need.


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Cheaper Calls and 'Line' rental

A major part of the cost of your phones is the line rental, BT Openreach phone lines (ISDN or analogue) are rented and you pay a monthly rental per line usually on an annual or multi year contract. Fixed lines are location dependant and if you wish to move to different location it is difficult to keep your existing numbers.

SIP lines are different, they offer the flexibility of monthly contracts so its possible to increase or decrease your call capacity depending on your business needs. You can make calls from anywhere so your phone number is no longer tied to a building location. All you will need is a suitable internet connection

Secaura SIP Trunks are £11.99 per line and include call bundles of both 2000 Minutes UK Landline and 2000 Minutes to UK mobile per channel, SIP trunks without call bundles £5.00/channel  How it works

Line rental comparison

Line Rental

Monthly Cost

BT ISDN2 Circuit (2 concurrent calls)No calls included !


Secaura SIP Channel (1 trunk 2 channels and 8000 UK Call Minutes)


*BT Prices (ISDN2 Low Start)
SIP Channels require a broadband connection
All prices ExVAT