Moving Office

Telecoms Migration

SECAura have a lot of experience moving broadband and Telecoms infrastruture. Moving phone systems, phone numbers and broadband needs to be done seamlessly and in a planned manner to prevent gaps in your service and avoiding loss of business. We have the tools to do this, avoiding you spending hours on hold and helping you choose the right products for the new office.

The 7 Step plan

  • 1. Audit Your Current Services:
    We will take you thorough an audit, listing of all your phone lines, numbers, internet access, fire and burglar alarm lines, credit card, fax and postage machines. Consider what you have now and what changes if any will be required at your new location. We will check that the services you need are available at your new site to avoid potential problems (Such as slow broadband) and ensure that your requirements can be met. Sometimes provision of leased lines can take several months to install. We will look at home working, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • 2. Schedule Network Services at Your New Location:
    This will need to be done least 30 days in advance of your move. Unless leased line internet connections are required when 90 Days may be required. We will port your existing phone numbers to our platform so you can retain your existing telephone numbers and seamlessly switch them over or redirect them at the time of the move.
  • 3. Create a Floor Plan of Your New Site:
    Note cable requirements, the number of telephone lines and user extension numbers.
  • 4. Schedule Voice and Data Cabling:
    If required, schedule installation of cabling in your new office as per floor plan. This should be done in conjunction with other construction.
  • 5. Review Broadband and Telephony services
    This is the perfect time to upgrade your IT and telecoms, Dropping ISDN services ahead of the BT Openreach switch off in 2025 and saving 50-75% on line rental.
  • 6. Schedule System Move:
    Book the date of the move and decide how you want to manage the transfer, go over call flow, queues digital receptionist, hold music etc
  • 7. Notify Staff of Schedule and Changes:
    Set up a short meeting with your staff so they are aware of everything involved in the communication system move. This will help avoid any missed customer contacts. Should your require training on new equipment, we are able to support you with that prior to the move.