Email Systems

Easy Email Migration

Vast experience with migration between platforms – we can advise and help with the best route to take.

Email Filtering Gateway

Weapons-Grade anti-virus and anti-spam filtering before it hits your, or your customers’ network. Protect your customers business from unwanted email threats: Gateway SMTP email filtering is the ideal ‘perimeter’ defence for your Microsoft Exchange Server, or similar email server environment. Using Office 365? Gateway filtering keeps your mailbox free of spam and viruses – trust the experts in email to keep your email clean!

Email Hosting

MailCore: our standard email hosting service – with multi-layered anti-virus and anti-spam filtering as standard.

Email Collaboration

MailCore Pro: email hosting and office collaboration service: providing email, shared calendars, contacts, files and notes. Includes anti-virus and anti-spam filtering as standard.

Zimbra Hosting

Zimbra: all the benefits of the Zimbra enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, with our spam and virus filtering as standard. Now with a huge 50GB of storage per mailbox!

Email Archiving

Messagebunker: a simple, secure, easy to set up and use in-the-cloud email archiving and discovery platform that won’t break the bank!


Our fax to email and email to fax service provides you with a unique fax number that takes any received fax and converts it into an email attachment.


Multi-layered filtering – spam filtering that works!


Multiple filters – removing threats before they get anywhere near your customer.

Outbound SMTP Filtering

Never have to worry about accidentally infecting a customer, supplier, or friend.

Attachment Filtering

Powerful controls to block a variety of attachment types such as .exe files.

Blacklists and Whitelists

Override our standard filtering mode and block, or allow, emails from certain addresses, or whole domains.

No Lost Email

Loss of server or connectivity? We’ll queue the mail until fixed.

Business Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery – view, send and receive queued email via a webmail client.

Online Management

Everything easily configured online – changes are instant.

Office 365

Fully compatible with Office 365 using journaling.

Spam Digest

Individual daily Spam Digest available listing identified emails.

Test Accounts

No obligation test accounts available on request.